Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Press this!

We had a bit of a magic session this week in Baby Book Club, thanks to Hervé Tullet's Press Here. His are books that typically look weird and confusing to grown-ups but that little ones just get and can't get enough of. Press Here worked like a charm with everybody this morning as the kids pressed, rubbed, shook, upended and generally manhandled the book and stuff happened! They stroke a yellow dot on the page and suddenly, on the next one, it had turned red! They tapped another and, tada, there were now 5 dots where there had only been one! Absolute magic!
They loved manipulating the pages, interacting physically with the pictures and being, it seemed, in charge of the magic.
We clapped, we danced, we squealed with delight. This is not a quiet book.
Inspired by Tullet's dots and colourful alignements, we made our own bright arrangements of (square) 'buttons'. You will agree that the results of our artistic efforts are worth displaying on any wall.
It was brilliant to see everyone get so into the book and then so stuck in the craft. There was a lot of fine motor skills practise with gluing, picking up and placing the squares along the guidelines; there was a lot of personal creativity as each artist had to decide which coloured button to add next; there was even some social skills on display as we took turns with the glue sticks. And the silence! the concentration!
A huge well done to all!
If you don't know Hervé Tullet's books, seek them out! If you do, why not read them again and try making your own colourful masterpiece. It's very pretty and very therapeutic!
As promised, here are the links to the songs and videos.

PRESS HERE by Hervé Tullet made out of playdo!  

The Dot Song LIVE - Emily Arrow & Peter H. Reynolds 

Lunch Money "I Want to Push Buttons" 

Buttons In the Wind 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Up, up and away!

We had a ball(oon) in Baby Book Club today reading Mick Inkpen's The Blue Balloon. There was suspense and emotions aplenty while we feared the eponymous balloon might pop when the characters squeezed and squashed and crushed it. There was wonder and delight when the heroes took off and landed in foreign lands.
And then there was laughter when we took out our own balloons and made all sorts of ridiculous noises with them, emptied them out in our faces, punched them, kicked them, shook them and played conkers with them. It was a brilliant moment of experimentation and play which hopefully continued later on at home...

As always, here are the links to the songs and videos!

I Love Balloons! The Raytones! Sing-along video! 

Watch Jeff Koons talking about 'Balloon Dog (Orange)' 

Watch 50K balloons being released over Brazil to mark end of 2018

Friday, March 8, 2019

World Book Day with the Littlies!

What a bookish week it's been! Between Baby Book Club and class visits in Clondalkin Library it was all about the books!
With the babas, we read Stephanie Blake's cheeky Poo Bum and delighted in saying "poo poo" like our bold bunny hero. We then got on to the business of making our very own books, using pictures from magazines and old printouts.
Some of the kids chose to include images of things liked (rockets and diggers featured a lot) while others went looking for themselves and their relatives in the pile of pictures on offer.
Some of them even added some writing and illustrations of their own, showing daddy at work and baby playing and… mammy chatting. (Mammy disagreed).
As promised, here are the links!

The Library Song, a fun kids’ song from New Zealand

Lil B Dub / The Rapping Bookworm, a thing of silliness! 

Martians Discover a Book, classic Sesame Street madness

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody: Unread Book (you’ll never look at your librarian in the same way!)

The Mount Desert Island High School version of Meghan Trainor's "All About The Bass/Books"