Disaster David

 “Once upon an old map, there was the country of Sassoon. It had lots of scraggy mountains and many a sturdy sheep, but only one young giant. And all in Sassoon agreed: one was enough…”

Meet David, Disaster David, a young giant with a big heart and big clumsy hands. He is forever breaking things, but he never means to. He is just too strong. So when the good people of Sassoon send him to mind their sheep up on the mountain, they should know what to expect: disaster!
Sheep and bearded warriors, chamber pots and giant snores, hares and bears and tigers… Here comes David, the walking disaster!

Disaster David is a fun story, freely inspired from the antics of one of Armenia's best-loved hero. Illustrations are by amazing Julie Grugeaux/de Terssac and are an absolute treat (if I say so myself).

You can read Disaster David in English or try your hand at Armenian, as both editions are out now. Outside of Armenia, they can be purchased online (here or there) with more distribution in the pipeline.

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