Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roald Dhal on E-Bay

Two pages from an unpublished story written by Roald Dahl have come out of their long-forgotten box in somebody's garage and made an appearance on E-Bay where they have nearly reached $2000 (so far). The Eyes of Mr Croaker was to be part of a collective work titled The Do-it-yourself Children's Storybook, which compiled a series of "story starters" that the reader was then meant to complete. The poject never came to life, but with this new development, one of its initiators, Jerry Biederman, is hoping to have another go at it:

Biederman now hopes to create an interactive version of The Do-It-Yourself Children’s Storybook that will include contributions by contemporary authors; he will approach J.K. Rowling about the possibility of joining the project as well. “The concept is now possible on a massive global scale,” Biederman notes, “thanks to the ability of a publisher to stage an online competition to find the best completed versions of each unfinished story.”
Budding writers, you have been warned!
For more, you can have a look over there.

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