Sunday, 30 January 2011

Brilliant Sandra Boynton

I mentionned Sandra Boynton's fantabulous book Hippos Go Berserk before. It's crazy and clever and frankly hilarious. And now, I have the immense pleasure to tell you that her music is exactly the same. A belated xmas present to myself, the albums Blue Moo and Philadelphia Chickens are most excellent. It's real music, with real composition, singers, instruments and a deadly sense of humour. The Uninvited Loud Precision Band will have you marching up and down your hall (or kitchen or bathroom, wherever you happen to be, really). The Arkwaarks will make you wriggle your toes (and if you're an Aaaaaarkwaark, you'll also wriggle your nose). And how can you say know to a Personal Penguin?

Have a look over here for other snippets.

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