Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's September, but don't panic

The lunch boxes still look fresh and inviting, the school bags still have their shape, it's raining and windy and grey, so this must be September. Worry not, however, dear reader! The Squeaky Door has reopened just for you and to give the autumn a colourful kick-off, here are some cool pics just for you.
First off is the water-colour on the top left corner by young French illustrator Solenn Larnicol who is truly, truly wonderful. No surprise she was selected to be part of the Bologna exhibition last spring. (click on pic to see it in big and be amazed)
Next, is this slightly envy-inspiring article from the Accredited Online Colleges blog on some celebrities private libraries. Some are suspiciously tidy, but still, impressive. (Here's Karl Lagerfeld's; doesn't strike me as a terribly practical way to store books if you ever want to find one in particular, but that's only me)

And finally, for those of you who are looking for inspiration for the next Edible Book Festival or are just feeling a bit peckish, look what I found on Chris Haughton's blog!

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