Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chop-Chop, Mad Cap!

And so, here it is, the fantasmegaglorious cover of my very first novel and actual book in English: Chop-Chop, Mad Cap!
It's all there: the psycho cat, the spuds of doom, the chocolate stains, the mystery, the crazy hair and er... Mad Cap herself!
The art is by Sadie Cramer, the design by Paul Woods and the publishing by Little Island.
While the printers are busy running their press, I'm taking a MOSTLY DESERVED break in lovely Paris, where I am thinking about school and library visits, reading great books, eating intriguing ice-cream and devising ways to achieve world domination. The usual.

Chop-Chop, Mad Cap! will be available from the bestest bookshops (real and virtual) from July 6th. Can't wait!


  1. Yeah, delighted for you Juliette, it really looks fab! Huge congrats! Dying to get it. Hope you're enjoying Paris and the weather is better than here. Chat soon get

  2. thanks, ger! weather could be better, but can't complain. A rainy with real eclairs au chocolat beats Cuisine de France under the Irish sun!

  3. Most excellent! Congratulations on the book, looking forward to read it. Happy break!