Thursday, July 5, 2012

First review!

If you don't know Mary Esther Judy's blog at Fallen Star Stories, shame on you! Mary works for Dubray in Galway and is, in short, great. Her blog is full of all the good stuff they get up to in the West and it also features a wealth of brilliant reviews of picturebooks, YA novels and other reads. And this week, Mary is reading Mad Cap!

Here's what she has to say about it:
This is a thoroughly enjoyable read for young, confident readers. Mad Cap is personable, funny and the kind of girl you'd want to have around. The setting and events provide great excitement. It can be difficult to find a book with a central girl character that is strong, likable and true to life. But here she is! The flow of the story and the relationship between the characters make it highly suitable for boys and girls alike. And the presentation of the book adds to this notion, as the illustrations and cover do not rely on a feminine 'pink-girly' image, even though the central character is a girl. A great, new read... but be prepared for your own little super-heroes to be inspired into action. Utterly recommended!!
Blush and chuffed, thanks Mary!

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