Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inchicore, Ilac Centre and other places beginning with I

The furthest I've had to travel so far...
Shop local! There may be an author near you...

Let's hear it for Kettle Horse Boy and Super Girls!
More brilliant characters, created this time by the ladies and gentlemen from the Oblate School and Our Lady of Lourdes. Thanks for the hugs!

And now for this week's excitement: the Dublin Book Festival!

A conspiracy of writers.

It's a secret!

Some serious hair action with the girls from George's Hill Presentation School.
Captain Poop Monkey, Black Cat Crazy Hair: you rock!

And, look, a special guest snuck into our session in the Central Library for the Dublin Book Festival.
Siobhán Parkinson, publisher and writer extraordinaire.
Best question of the week (to Sadie): 'How do you feel when you draw?'

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