Thursday, 7 February 2013

Terenure, we were there...

What a lovely day for a lovely school and a lovely bunch of ladies!
Sadie and I met the whole 1st class in Presentation Primary in Terenure on Wednesday to talk about the writer-illustrator relationship, how to turn words into pictures and more.
We were extremely impressed with the quality of the artwork produced, from composition to colours and shadows and expressions.
So, a huge thanks to the 7 ladies with French mums (seven!), the lady with a cat called Romeo and a cat called Juliet, the lady from Azerbadjian, the lady who explained so well what a publisher is, the lady with the Rabbit jumper (a lady of taste!), the lady with the Mad Cap hair, the singing ladies from Ms Coghlan's class, the giggling ladies from Ms Green's room and the suitably impressed ladies from Ms Donnelly's group.
Oh, and thanks to Sadie for the bit of opera singing.
Yes, that's right, opera. (Sadie has more pics here, but no sound bite, sadly).

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