Friday, October 4, 2013

Saffron and Blue

Ennis celebrates the win with a good deal of elegance if you ask me...
Note the subtly matching colour scheme.
I think I've figured out the secret to a good (great?) author's event in Ireland. All you need is for your book's cover to sport the colours of the county you're visiting. If said county happens to have won an All-Ireland final in the very recent past, so much the better, you've your intro ready and an already hyper and delighted audience.
So it was that I travelled far and wide to meet some smart youngsters from Ennis, Kilkee, Kilrush, Shannon and Moveen this week and what a pleasure that was. We got plenty of zombies, some exploding frogs, Super Kettle Man who used his cord as a whip, radioactive snot, vampire princesses, you name it. I suppose Darren Shan's recent visit probably had something to do with that. :)
Word of the week: "sponsor". That's how one clever chap explained the job of publishers: they sponsor books.
Sentence of the week:
Me: "And so, I started working on this book the year some of you guys were born."
One of said guys: "So we were born to read it!"
Publishers out there, if you're ever looking for slogan-writers, PR people or new reps, you now know where to look for them!
Next week, it's off to lovely Meath. Watch this space!

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