Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SOS Dinos in Distress

Here it is! My first real ebook! 
Meet Thaddeus Getsit-Wright, professional genius (or not), in his attempt to solve the biggest mystery of all. It's got dinosaurs in disguise, dinner ladies, a moderate amount of undies and a trike. What more can you possibly want?

SOS Dinos in Distress was especially written for tablets, computers and screens of various descriptions. I've had books turned digital before, but this one was different as it was always going to be a story with animation, interactivity and bits that need blowing onto.
Pictures are by Claire Chavenaud and the crazy publishers who initiated that crazy project are Audois&Alleuil.
The story is available in French and in English (and yes, I did the translation), on the iTunes store.

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