Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kirkus Review - Starred, if you please!

Kirkus is a pretty cool website that looks at books for all sorts of people, in all sorts of genres, as well as at iPad book apps. And guess what it turned its reviewing eyes to this week? A "brisk and hilarious tale" about "A boastful young sleuth [who] obliviously aids a group of disguised dinosaurs".That's right, Dinos in Distress. Icing on the cake, our Dinos got a Kirkus Star, which they award(or so they themselves say) to "Books of Exceptional Merit".
It would have been extra nice for the writer (yours truly) and the illustrator (Claire Chavenaud) to be credited, but that info might appear along the reivew in the March print edition, right?
Meanwhile, I shall let you enjoy the review in full while I go and buy myself some wellies. And a submarine.

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