Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winning dinos

Just last week, my one and only book app (so far!), SOS Dinos in Distress, illustrated by Claire Chavenaud and developed by Audois&Alleuil, won the first Prix du Livre Numérique Jeunesse (Digital Children's Book award), run by the public librairies of the city of Grenoble in France. Needless to say we are all chuffed!

If you haven't come across this crazy detective story involving dinosaurs and Rubik's cubes (among other things), here's a little taste of it.

As well as getting a Starred Review from Kirkus, SOS Dinos in Distress has been really well received in other e-places.
"Fun, engaging, and a wonderful story." BestAppsForKids "highly recommends" the silly antics of Thaddeus Getsit-Wright in their splendid review over here

Meanwhile, GeeksWithJuniors concludes that "SOS Dinos in Distress is a beautifully illustrated storybook, complete with playful interactive features and sound effects on every page. Starring a prideful young detective on an imaginative dinosaur hunt, the story is every bit hilarious and engaging."

Enough to make one blush, frankly!

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