Monday, March 30, 2015


The things you spot when you look up from your ice-cream!
I was in Cahir last week, enjoying the (intermittent) lovely Irish spring and eating ice-cream by the massive castle and generally putting my feet up when suddenly...
Two groups of ladies from Our Lady of Mercy's 4th and 5th classes descended upon me. So there was nothing for it, but to have a proper session, and by "session" I mean the full works: authorial chat, collective reading, deliriously creative writing and cat-related Q&A-ing.
From Glitzy Girl (whose secret weapon is a sparkle cannon) to PopCorn Man (who is evil!), via the mysterious Burping Bubble Gum (who lives in a kettle), we had some pretty crazy moments. Not to mention all the brilliant acting out. Oh, and the murder of black rabbits that somehow involved a chainsaw and the Tooth Fairy.
Thanks to all the ladies who came along and made it such fun, and that includes Ann and Ann Marie, librarians extraordinaire who looked after me so well!

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