Monday, 30 January 2017

Baby Book Club: Take 3

It was one lively session last week at Baby Book Club. There was a lot of running and laughing as we read Chris Haughton's A Bit Lost. You would even say it was... a hoot.
As we read, we looked for clues in the picture to see if we could spot the Owl Mammy; we looked through heaps of teddies in search of a bear, a frog and a rabbit; and we thought the squirrel was very silly indeed!
We then moved on to our artistic activities of the day and did a collage inspired by Chris Haughton's illustrations. Fine motor skills were called upon to manipulate the little glue spreaders and the small papers (not to mention those tricky googly eyes!) and all the toddlers did very well.
As promised, some owl and bird songs to listen to as you read A Bit Lost again!

The Owl Song, by the Whizpops

The Old Owl Said, "Who?", by Eric Ode

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Non-stop birdsong!

And A Bit Hungry, a tiny play inspired by A Bit Lost

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