Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Team up!

Often desk-bound for long hours at a time, with only an attention-seeking cat (maybe) for company, and kept afloat by the faint hope of a parcel delivery for a bit of human interaction ('Sign here!'), the writerly life can feel lonely sometimes, as I'm sure must feel the life of the illustrator.
This is why the Tandem Fair project is such good fun. Set up a few years ago by a bunch French writers and illustrators, it is now in its 18th edition. What, you ask, is a Tandem Fair? The idea is simple: writers and illustrators are invited to send a sample text or an image to the Fair host; the host, on a given date, publishes the pieces on their blog together with contact details for all the contributors; writers and illustrators (who have contributed or not) are then invited to have a look at what is there. If anything takes their fancy, it's up to them to get in touch with the creator and suggest a text for an image they like, or an image for words that have caught their imagination.
There is no guarantee of a book deal at the end, only that of a fun, creative moment and, perhaps, a new friendship...
The Tandem Fair is open to everyone regardless of where you live (although it might be handy to have one language in common with your new partner!) and what your level of experience is.
For this edition, super-duper illustrator √Člice is your host. So please, don't be shy and send in a pic or a text. All the details can be found on √Člice's blog here; contributions to be in by Sept 24.

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