Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Can you guess the book? A game and a competition!

Inspired by the National Book Tokens' Hidden Books Game, the kids and myself have come up with a kids' books (and characters) alternative. It's completely homemade, low-tech and you won't win a year's supply of books if you can crack it. But can you?
There are 12 childhood characters and/or books to find, from picturebooks to novels via manga and all are favourites in our house. Pics of close-ups below.
Do share and let me know how you got on at juliette[AT]juliettesaumande[DOT]com and be in with a chance to win a book or two!
You have until Friday 8 December
Have fun!







(7) & (8)
(ok, this is a tricky one as there are in fact 2 sets of clues rolled into one picture:
a) bird and feline on the bottom sign go together
b) the other 6 signs go together)





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