Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Press this!

We had a bit of a magic session this week in Baby Book Club, thanks to Hervé Tullet's Press Here. His are books that typically look weird and confusing to grown-ups but that little ones just get and can't get enough of. In Press Here kids are invited to press, rub, shake, upend and generally manhandle the book and stuff happens! They stroke a yellow dot on the page and suddenly, on the next one, it turns red! They tap another and, tada, there are now 5 dots where there had only been one! Absolute magic!
They loved manipulating the pages, interacting physically with the pictures and being, it seemed, in charge of the magic.
We clapped, we danced, we squealed with delight. This is not a quiet book.
To add to the general volume levels, we then taped some bubblewrap on the floor and set the babies loose...

If you don't know Hervé Tullet's books, seek them out! If you do, why not read them again and try making your own colourful masterpiece inspired by his dots and squiggles, like we did before?
As promised, here are the links to the songs and videos.

PRESS HERE by Hervé Tullet made out of playdo!  

The Dot Song LIVE - Emily Arrow & Peter H. Reynolds 

Lunch Money "I Want to Push Buttons" 

Buttons In the Wind 

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