Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Toy for a New Year

The Christmas deco has been shoved back into the attic, the last pressies have made their way from Far and Wide, the last of the cakes and puddings have mysteriously disappeared and the snow is cleaning up any dregs of the gone-by year. In other words, welcome to 2010!
To celebrate, I am launching this here blog. It's a bit of a game and a bit of a challenge. I've never done this before, so please bear with me!
In these posts, you will discover the Inner Workings of a Children's Books All-Rounder's Mind. Or, more like, her thoughts and ideas and wishes and rants. From books I'm reading to books I'm writing, via those I wish I had penned myself, I hope to give you a tiny bit of food for thought.
So, tuck in, sure why not?

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