Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tell me what you read...

I've been reading The Great Rabbit Revenge Plan by German writer Burkhard Spinnen and translated by Siobhán Parkinson for Little Island, and I've been giggling quietly under my blankets at night. It is very funny, in a madcap sort of way, as you might expect from a plot revolving around the use and abuse of giant rabbits as weapons of mass revenge. The tone and the humour sounded at times a little bit adult to me (especially in Dad's ironic comments), but as I'm supposed to be a grown-up myself, I did get the jokes and didn't mind too much. But most importantly, TGRRP contains two great stuffed mice charaters and in this house we're all very much in favour of stuffed mice. Especially those called Lackilug, which sounds (how cool is that?) like Lucky Luke. Three cheers for Burkhard Spinnen and his Lackilug! And three more for Little Island for bringing us such a welcome breath of fresh air!

(Click on the title of the book for a free sample!)

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