Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tell me what you read...

I haven't been very talkative about my reading over the past few months as I was mostly reading for the Bisto Book of the Year Award and It Was All A Secret. But now that the shortlist has been announced, I have more time to read Other Things, and one of them is...
Letters to Anyone and Everyone, by Toon Tellegen, illusrated by Jessica Ahlberg.
I've had my eye on this one for some time and I must say I'm not disappointed. Squirrel, Ant, Bear and the others write letters to each other about all sorts of things (mostly cake in Bear's case) and about nothing (literally). In Tellegen's world, your letters are delivered by the wind, you can write to people, tables and... letters. And the best thing is, you'll always get an answer.
Letters to Anyone and Everyone is both quiet and exciting; it's light on its dancing feet and secretly serious; and it is (perhaps unexpectedly given the unconnected nature of the letters) quite the page-turner. A treat.


  1. Now that is one I will make a note of. Thank you.

  2. Actually, there's another book in the series. It's called 'The squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties'. I haven't read it yet, but I guess it doesn't matter much which one you start with. Enjoy!