Wednesday, 7 July 2010

World Book Capital City

UNESCO in association with the three major international professional organizations from the world of books has announced that Yerevan (Armenia) was to become the World Book Capital City for the year 2012.
"The city of Yerevan was selected “for the quality and the variety of its detailed, realistic, grass-roots programme, focusing on universal issues, and linking all the aspects and actors of the book chain” .... Yerevan built an exciting programme focusing on freedom of expression, copyright, and activities for children who will be tomorrow’s readers, authors and publishers." (more info here and here)
2012... you never know, by then, I may have finally mastered the Armenian alphabet (3 attempts so far and I can only confidently identify 'a' and 'r') (sorry, one type of 'r' not all of them).

Then, I'll be able to read my way through the greatest works of Armenian literature. Here's hoping!

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