Sunday, 8 April 2012

A mystery is uncovered and a load of chocolate is eaten

(c) Sadie Cramer for Little Island
Right so, since the last post seems to have elicited some excitement among my readers, I shall no longer tarry and will this instant reveal all.
After nearly 40 picturebooks and translations published  in France, I am now going to see my name on a cover in English. This time, it isn't as a translated author or an editor, but as an Actual Writer of (silly) Fiction Composed Directly in This Here Language.
The good people at Little Island have allowed me to pitch my tent in a corner of their lovely beach and Siobhán, Elaina and myself are more than delighted to introduce you to MAD CAP and her gang of best friends, entertaining relatives and crazy neighbours.
Madgie Cappock, aka Mad Cap, is a super hero who isn't terribly heroic, but she is (if I say so myself) really quite super. Together with her genius friend Norbert Soup, she has set up the Rent-a-Hero agency, who specialize in all kinds of missions from doing your homework for you to locating missing items (people, socks, that sort of stuff) or identifying zombies posing as teachers (and vice versa).
This time, Mad Cap and Norbert have quite a bit on their plate: the new butcher has gone awol, Madgie's big brother has a girlfriend and there's the panto tap-dancing routine that needs practising. Oh, and there's also a giant fluffly rabbit somewhere in there.
The talented Sadie Cramer is in charge of illustrating Mad Cap's shenanigans. Here you can see lovely, cuddly kitty-cat Sapphire (charming, isn't she?). I'll show you more tentalising morcels as we go along.
All going well, this splendiferous masterpiece should hit the shelves in the summer (early July, I'm told), but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, it is now officially Chocolate-fest time, so go on and have yourself a treat. I will.

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  1. That's great! I like it a lot:) can't wait for more:)