Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three score and more

I stumbled across this blog a wee while ago. For all your birthday needs! (or not)
Three Score & Ten is subtitled 'lives in literature' and compiled by Wayne Gooderham

Three Score & Ten is an anthology of literary quotes illustrating every year of one’s life from conception to death. Basically 0 – 70 (or minus 9 months to 70 if you prefer)...The overall aim of this project is to view the different male and female literary characters as if they were a pair of individuals, following their progress through life as  they are shaped by experience and decisions are made, talents are blunted and youthful hope turns to resigned despair and failing talents – or perhaps even growing maturity and contentment.  At very least, death (spoiler alert: the project doesn’t end happily).

Fascinating stuff!

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