Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A whistle-stop tour of Leitrim

Getting up at 6am: check.
Taking 1 bus, 2 trains, 3 taxis and a tram: check.
Chatting with the book-mad kids of Mohill and Carrick-on-Shannon: check.
Read my first John Green: check.
Carved a pumpkin: check

Well, not bad for a Tuesday, right?
The white board of fame! Chuffed!

Who doesn't want a Wendy house in their local library?!

 So, yesterday saw the last of the October madness for me with a quick dip in and out of Leitrim under unexpected sunshine (most of the time). Three cheers for Gráinne in Mohill Library, and the lads and lasses of Saint Manchan's NS and Dangan NS.
Super Pig et al.
People, if you're wondering where all the zombies have gone, seek no further: they're in Leitrim! Covered in moss or re-incarnated as frogs, they amble along beside Super Pig, Stitch Man or the delicious (not!) Slobbers in stories full of princesses, villains, monkeys from outer space, popcorn, bacon and tractors.
Talent abounds! Well done to all and to you (was it Jack?) who has a mission while in France: bon appétit!

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