Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drenched and Delightful Dalkey

My accomplice Sadie Cramer and I headed to Dalkey in Dun Laoighaire-Rathdown yesterday for a busy, fun and yet very well-behaved morning with the ladies from Loretto Primary (4th class).
One cool project glimpsed in a shop window.
A library with its own garden!
In between bouts of live illustration and shouting, I mean reading, we took a kettle-powered trip to the Moon, put on underwear with SUPER PIG written on them, nearly got a whole class out of homework (sorry, girls), heard one of the best opening sentences to any story ("This is the beginning of the mayby-end, but actually it was the middle of..."), were left hanging off numerous cliffs and designed some pretty dashing super-hero logos.
Oh and it rained a tiny little bit...

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