Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Agency: Meet Norbert

Norbert Soup is a cool dude by Martian standards. He's an official genius and always comes up with the plans and the home made gadgets. He has a cat called Scrum who is the size of a small elephant. He wishes Scrum wouldn't crush him under his tons of fur and fat every time he goes to bed.

12 Things you should know about Norbert. (Or not.)

  1. He once tasted cat food. He didn’t do that twice. It was Mad Cap’s idea.
  2. He never mixes his food in his plate. He keeps the bangers on one side and the mash on the other, the only exception being buttered toast, because eating butter on its own is gross.
  3. He has never come up with a way to make his cat Scrum lose weight. But he lives in hope.
  4. He thinks Crunchies are lovely. He’s weird that way.
  5. He really can’t sing, but he can spell Supercalifra… Supergistick… Superfrodocious… That.
  6. Hats really suit him, according to his Granny Jo.
  7. His Granny Jo is really nice, but she’s blind as a teapot.
  8. His family name used to be much more complicated before his great granddad came over from Puducherry in India  and lost a bit en route.
  9. He wishes his great granddad hadn’t been called Norbert.
  10. His teeth are so white they glow in the dark.
  11. He hates wearing socks in his sandals.
  12. He hasn’t walked on a single crack on the pavement since age 4.

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